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École de Communication Visuelle, Nantes, 2013 — 2018
Art director assistant at CL Design, Paris, 2017
Student Award with Pierre d'Alteroche, Club des Directeurs Artistiques, 2017

Back Catalogue, 03.2018
Klikkentheke, 08.2017

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Empreintes, Diploma, Various formats, 2017

Diploma project. Tool box made to experiment graphic design for primary school students.

Posters to fill, Posters, 2018

Project in progress.

Experimental portfolio, Publishing, 2018

Portfolio made with an experimental intention. It’s composed with graphic elements that I used to build several projects.Now separated from their original function, they acquire a new dimension.

Inox, Typography and poster, 2018

Specimen of Inox, a typography I drew. Print on mirror paper.

Philharmonie de Paris, Poster, 2018

This is a fictional project. To make this poster I used shapes that we can find in the architecture at the Philharmonie de Paris. It's a cultural space dedicated to music, such as strong angles and round curves.

Selfportrait, Posters, 2017

Posters made to represent what my sensibilities are and how I use graphic design codes in my production.

La Pomme, Communication, 2017

This is a fictional project. They announce an exhibition whose theme is the history of the apple. Like the exhibition, the communication reveals what is "inside" the apple.

Les Rencontres d'Arles, Identity, 2017

This is a fictional project. Identity redesign of the French photographic festival Les Rencontres d'Arles.

Angle mort, Thesis, 2017

Thesis about how graphic design influences society and how society influences graphic design. I mostly concentrate on what is happening in the French graphic design landscape and why most of what we see is so empty and lacks meaning. To carry out this research, I met several well known French graphic designers such as Alain Le Quernec, Vincent Perrottet and the studio Spassky Fischer.

Angle mort, Posters, 2017

Based on my thesis, these posters show how nowadays concrete and sensible graphic design is obscured by a vain and empty approach.

Sous les étiquettes, Posters, 2017

This poster campaign was made to remove the labels that are stuck to creative people. Laureate of the 2016 Student Award by the Club des Directeurs Artistiques. In collaboration with Pierre d’Alteroche.